Page Plus Quick LESSON of the Day 9/22/11

Page Plus Quick LESSON of the Day

Every Page Plus account is split into two parts – a cash part, and a plan part.  The Standard Plan (made up of $10, $25, $50 or $80 cards) is the plan that runs on cash, and gives you a per minute rate for each minute you use.  Talk n Text 1200 and Unlimited Talk n Text are monthly plans, and are completely separate from the cash part of your plan.  You can have cash in your cash account, in addition to a monthly plan, to pay for overages or 411 calls.  Hope this helps!

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Kitty Wireless Improves New Activation Procedures to allow customers to enter desired Area Code & Prefix

As of today, 08/22/2011, a system improvement has been put into place for NEW ACTIVATIONS (non-ported numbers) that will allow for more precise local phone number assignment.

The new option allows you to input the desired area code and prefix of the number, as opposed to being limited to only zip code. There is now a new input field on the Kitty Wireless New Activation form where you can enter the first 6 digits of the desired number, and if there is an available number with that area code and prefix, it will be assigned.

The new option will eliminate the issue sometimes experienced in the zip code method where an assigned number was not in fact local to the customer’s actual area code.

If you enter both a ZIP CODE and an Area Code & Prefix on the new activation form, the Area Code & Prefix will take priority and a number will be issued based on the Area Code & Prefix.

This does NOT mean that you are GUARANTEED a number in your desired area code & prefix. However, it does mean that you have a MUCH BETTER CHANCE of getting a LOCAL phone number assigned, based on that area code & prefix, than previously basing it on just the zip code of the area, since ZIP Codes covered such a huge area – an area codes & prefixes are more narrowly defined.

As always, Kitty Wireless is on the cutting edge of Page Plus technologies. No other Page Plus dealer online offers the level of self service automated tools that we do, and this is just another example of our dedicated to improving your Page Plus experience.

As you can see, both Page Plus and Kitty Wireless have a lot of changes, updates & new things going on this summer – from new phones, to updated plans, to more self service options – and we’re not done yet! Stay tuned.

Kitty Wireless

PS .. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY (yet) to let you pick and choose the entire phone number for a new activation. This is just one step in the right direction to making sure you get a LOCAL phone number for your area.

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08/17/2011 Talk n Text 1200 ADDS MORE VALUE

08/17/2011 – TALK N TEXT 1200 UPDATES – Effective today, Talk n Text 1200 $29.95/mo changes as follows:

a)  1200 Minutes per month will stay the same (but see below!)
b)  2000 Messages per month will change to 3000 Messages per month
c)  100mb of Data per month will stay the same (but see below!)

Customers who are currently on a Talk n Text 1200 plan will get the new allocation of Text Messages upon their next cycle renewal.  There is no possible way to modify a plan in progress. 

For this plan only, Talk n Text 1200, the following overage rates will apply from this point forward (Overage Rates for Power Texting and Unlimited Talk n Text will remain unchanged at their old rates, see our website for information):

d)  The 15 Cent per Megabyte over 100mb is now 10 Cents per Megabyte!!

e)  The 15 Cent per Text Message over 3000 is now 5 Cents per Text Message!! (The MMS overage rate remains at 10 cents per MMS Message)

f)  The 10 Cent per Minute over 1200 is now 5 Cents per Minute !!

These overage rates are a HUGE bonus for Talk n Text 1200 people.  You can now add 100mb of extra data for $10 and 250mb of extra data for $25.

To add extra data to your Talk n Text 1200 plan, all you need to do is purchase a One Time $10 or $25 PIN from this page, we will add it for you, and you’ll be able to use overage data at the lower rate, effective immediately.

REMINDER for Talk n Text 1200 Customers on Kitty AutoPay (and those not on Autopay as well):  Talk n Text 1200 plan customers should not keep a cash balance of more than $29.94 in their cash account at any given time – doing so will prompt Page Plus to debit your cash balance for plan renewals instead of leaving those funds alone for overage needs.  Funds under $29.94 in your cash account on your Talk n Text 1200 will remain there until you use them.

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07/27/2011 Standard Plan Changes

07/27/2011 – STANDARD PLAN CHANGES – Effective immediately, today, July 27th, 2011, the following changes are being made to the Standard Plan – also known as the “Pay As You Go Plan”:

- The cost of text messaging (SMS) on the Standard Plan is being reduced from 8 cents per message sent or received, to 5 cents per message sent or received.

- The cost of data per megabyte on the Standard Plan is being reduced from $1.20 per megabyte used, to 99 cents per megabyte used.

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PIN Numbers are good for FOUR YEARS from their creation date!

To everyone in our community:

Previously it had been rumored that PIN Numbers were only good for ONE YEAR, which we believed to be true as well, however…. as of today….

We have confirmed with Page Plus Management that PIN Numbers are good for FOUR YEARS from the date they are created by Page Plus.

This has been confirmed by Page Plus Management.

Kitty Wireless

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We had a 3 hour outage this morning.

Our network provider, where we have our website hosted, had a Denial of Service Attack on one of their servers this morning. It resulted in a 3 hour outage of

Rest assured that NO customer information is stored on our web server.  ALL customer information, billing information, credit cards, and anything linking a customer to anything confidential, is stored within our payment system.  Everything we store is 100% PCI Compliant, and the ONLY thing that went down this morning was our web server.

We have different servers for different things:

- Web Server for and
- 1ShoppingCart & Private PCI Compliant Servers for All Billing Info
- Automation servers are completely separate as well

Everything was online this morning, except for the public frontend component that the general public sees :-)

We are now actively using our TWITTER account at to communicate important messages like this during any sort of outage :-)

Thanks so much for those of you who were supportive & understanding.



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Kitty Staff can now search our extensive database on the fly!

Lost your phone, need the old ESN to do an ESN change?
Need us to lookup your transactions by email address, phone number of ESN?

Kitty Wireless has an EXTENSIVE database of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of transactions.  It used to be quite difficult for us to dig through it to find things, but we have since recoded & redeveloped our system for better internal use.

We can now type in your email address, phone number or ESN and pull up your entire transaction history with us.  This is especially useful for those lost phone situations.

This only works for customers who have done their transactions with us.  We can only search transactions that OUR system has done.  So, another good reason why you should stick to Kitty :-)   We have you covered, historically, and other ways, too!


PS .. Don’t worry, we have multiple redundant backup systems :-)   Kitty’s never forget!


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How to add our RSS Feed to your RSS Reader

Tonight we had a customer ask us how to add our RSS feed for postings to their My Yahoo! Page.  Well, we weren’t sure, but it appears to be this:

You click Add RSS Feed and then use this URL:

Just wanted to let everyone know!  This will probably be the URL you should use for any RSS feed reader :-)



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Downgrading from UTnT to TnT1200, using a TnT1200 Stacked PIN, on your Renewal Night, on Smartphones Only

If you have a smartphone on PagePlus, and…
If the night for your plan renewal is now here, and…
If you are downgrading from Unlimited to Talk n Text 1200 using a stacked PIN…

…. You should remove the battery from your smartphone overnight to make sure the plan change goes through well overnight.

So, example…

If you have a Motorola Droid 2, and you are on the Unlimited Plan, and your plan expires tonight, April 18th, 2011, and you have a Talk n Text 1200 PIN stacked, that will get processed and downgrade your line starting tomorrow morning, you really truly do want to remove the battery from your smartphone overnight.

Why?  All smartphones have open data connections.  These data connections prevent one type of plan from being UNBUNDLED from your line and another plan being REBUNDLED onto your line.  So overnight, if your device has an open data connection, which most smartphones do, and you are in this scenario, you should remove your battery to end all data connections.  This will allow the “Change of Service” to take place overnight, without error.

Just a tip for those smartphones users out there who are specifically downgrading from uTnT to TnT1200 and have a pending stacked PIN to do so with :-)



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In order to prevent spam comments on this blog, we will allow comments on any article, by any legitimate user, but the FIRST comment by ANY user must be approved by us. :-)

Let’s enjoy this!



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